Friday, February 18, 2011

Davis: Taste of Thai

Pad thai and sticky rice

The weekend right after Chinese New Year, I drove home to spend a Saturday with my parents.  We had lunch at a relatively new Thai place in Davis called Taste of Thai.  Note: Davis really didn't need another Thai place; seriously, what's with having eight Thai restaurants in a single college town downtown, three of which are on the same street and within a 5-min walk of each other?!  Anyway, redundancy aside, Taste of Thai occupies a historic building that used to house a Chinese restaurant called Noodle Express.

Rad nah

Since it was lunchtime and caffeine wouldn't be a problem, I ordered some Thai iced coffee, which I always forget is sweeter than I prefer, but still enjoy.  My parents decided on pad thai and rad nah, which is sort of like pad se ew with more and more varied vegetables.  I chose the green curry (medium spicy) with chicken, along with sticky rice.

Green curry with chicken

We enjoyed all our dishes, which had flavors distinct enough to be complementary; I was especially happy that my curry had big pieces of bamboo shoot instead of puny slivers as is often the case.  Portions were quite generous, service was prompt, and the atmosphere was peaceful.