Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Davis: lunch at Zen Toro

Elyse and I drove to Davis on Wednesday evening.  On Thursday, my 22nd birthday, I dropped her off for the start of her interview day and then sat at Crepeville for a while, sipping tea and finishing a book.  At 11:30am I got myself a table at Zen Toro, where the lunch menu is both appealing and reasonably priced.  The restaurant was relatively empty at the start of the lunch service, but nearly filled up within half an hour.  Given the cold rain and wind outside, I was looking forward to something warming.

Accordingly, I ordered a lunch combo of tempura udon and spicy tuna roll.  First came some green tea and a little bowl of "Asian coleslaw," which was.  The udon came in a generous portion with one tempura shrimp and some vegetables, with three big pieces of tuna roll alongside.  All of this was $8.75 ($11 with a nice tip), which I think was an excellent deal.