Thursday, February 24, 2011

Davis: dinner at Jade Garden

Last Friday night, my parents, E and I went to Jade Garden for a relaxed dinner.  Jade Garden is my family's go-to Chinese restaurant in Davis, to the point where we jokingly call it our family cafeteria.  For this meal, after a rigorous back-and-forth with the waitress to ensure that there would be absolutely no MSG or bouillion used in our dishes, we started with sizzling rice soup with chicken:

Next, flounder fillets with vegetables.  I really like this dish because it's both simple and flavorful, and relatively healthy:

Vegetable chow fun.  Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy chow fun?  Wide rice noodles are awesome.

Broccoli, snap peas, and mushrooms:

Lemon chicken, the otherworldly neon yellow-ness of which complemented the aforementioned vegetable dish:

Flavors weren't particularly strong because of our insistence on no MSG, no bouillion, and also less salt, but that actually made everything taste more comfortable from my point of view.  The four of us ended the meal with the usual pleasantly nonsensical fortune cookies, then went home and shared a plump pomelo and plenty of college stories before calling it a night.