Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boston: Legal Sea Foods

I arrived in Boston on a Saturday evening, January 22.  My friend Anna met me at the Kendall/MIT T station, and we immediately walked a couple steps to Legal Sea Foods.  I had New England clam chowder, followed by a crab cake with salad.  The clam chowder was awesome: creamy, flavorful, and with plenty of tasty chunks.

My crab cake was also good, if more mustardy than I was expected.  The crab meat was very tender, and the strong mustard sauce ended up complementing the salad pretty well.

Anna ordered the cioppino, which was a heaping bowl of zesty broth, plenty of mussels, clams, some octopus (or was it squid?) and shrimp, some lobster, and garlic toast.  Very satisfying.

I couldn't resist dessert, especially when I inquired and was told that the key lime pie was more tart than sweet.  Indeed, it was a great balance of rich, tart, and sweet.  I still prefer the key lime pie from Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, CA, but Legal Sea Foods' version is a close second.  [Good] key lime pie is definitely one of my favorite non-chocolate desserts.

I'm aware that Legal Sea Foods is a chain restaurant and kind of touristy, but the atmosphere and food were both perfect for a just-got-off-the-plane meal.  And so, we kicked off an excellently high-intensity weekend of girl talk, catching up, and exploring some of Boston.