Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boston: The Friendly Toast

For Sunday brunch, Anna and I met up with another high school friend at The Friendly Toast, an extremely popular restaurant near MIT.  I had a mug of mango green tea, which came in a very homey-looking tea bag (and was a good breakfast beverage, i.e., strong enough to stand up to both sweet and savory dishes):

Anna and I shared the coconut pancakes and the tofu scramble (with real sausage substituted in for the vegetarian sausage that is listed).  Here are the pancakes, which were wonderfully fluffy and - probably because of the chocolate chips - borderline dessert-like:

Fortunately, our tofu scramble provided the necessary savory complement.  The scrambles come with "home fries" that are essentially tender potato slices, along with the toast of your choice (wheat, white, or andama).  We chose the andama, which is hearty and honey-tinged, maybe with some seminola.  Yum!!

Two things to keep in mind about The Friendly Toast: 1) the line is enormous (as in, a throng) around noon, so get there closer to 10am if you want a reasonable wait; 2) this restaurant won't seat you until your entire party arrives.  Anyway, once we sat down in the cheerfully quirky interior - the theme seems to be "random colorful kitschy everything!" - service was prompt and efficient.