Saturday, January 15, 2011

Xiamen: street food and supermarket

I find both street and supermarket food in China to be much more amusing than what is available in the U.S., though many items are similar.  First, here is a breakfast cart that is stationed right next to my Grandma's apartment building, with Random Hungry Student reaching for his wallet.  The cart sells various mantou, breads, soymilk, etc.

Here is one of many kebab vendors in Xiamen (this guy was stationed outside the Bei Chun gate to Xiamen University, and was quite aware that I was taking a photo).  Hi, Mr. Kebab Man!

Right next to the kebab vendor was this crepe vendor, making his thin pancakes and then filling them with green onion and other tasty items.

I'm also a fan of pearl milk tea when in China, mostly because it costs about a third of what it costs here (after RMB->dollar conversion).  No pictures, but at least everyone knows what pearl milk tea looks like already.

I went grocery shopping with my parents and my grandma in Xiamen, and was most impressed by three items, the first being this glass case of delicious-looking prepared breads and pancakes.

The second item of fascination was some big bins of scary-looking dried fish.  I think that's a ray!

Lastly, I present you with unquestionably conservative dried fruit: