Thursday, January 13, 2011

Xiamen: seafood lunch on the beach

On January 2, after we spent the morning watching the Xiamen International Marathon and riding a three-person bicycle up and down part of Huandao Road (by the seashore), my oldest cousin treated the family to lunch at an above-the-beach seafood restaurant near Huli Shan Cannon Fort.  Everything was impeccably fresh and, except for the vegetables, had been swimming around in tanks outside the restaurant up until the kitchen received our order.  This meal was on the more casual side, and we did eat rice; also, the dishes were served in amusing Christmas tree-shaped plates.

Shrimp, simply boiled:

Razor clams in a savory sauce, briny from all the clam juice (soo good!  I've only ever had these in Xiamen, and they never disappoint):

Greens (hey, I can't always be descriptive):

Eggplant in garlic sauce:

Whole fish, artfully carved and then steamed/served upright (that's some mad skillz on the part of the chef):

"Sour" (fermented) vegetables (suan chai):

Oyster and tofu soup (this was seriously an oyster extravaganza):