Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekday dinner: seared tofu sandwich

On Thursday I didn't feel like cooking and so decided to serve sandwiches for dinner, but I ended up doing some cooking anyway.  I wanted to use firm tofu as the protein, and I had an opened jar of red curry paste, so I cut slices of tofu, dried them as much as possible, and rubbed curry paste on both sides.  While they marinated, I sliced and caramelized a sweet onion.  I also set up some quick-pickled zucchini, doubling this recipe's vinegar/sugar/salt proportions and using two thinly-sliced zucchinis.

Eventually, I seared the tofu on both sides and then placed it on lightly buttered toast, piled on the onions, and finished with some of the pickled zucchini.  The result tasted much better than I expected!  It had a nice balance of different textures and different flavors, and was the kind of sandwich I could imagine ordering at a cafe.  The meal ended with tea and chocolate-pecan brownies, which I think I left in the oven 5-8 min too long but still tasted good.