Monday, January 17, 2011

Palo Alto: SliderBar Cafe

Before my China coverage shifts from Xiamen to Shanghai, I'll include a little "regular programming."  On Saturday morning, E and I stopped by SliderBar Cafe on University, since I had a handy Groupon that covered an espresso drink, orange juice, and two breakfast sliders.  The cafe was about 70% full at 11:30am, and we had no trouble getting a table for two.  We decided on two of the California breakfast sliders; we also added a cup of cream of chicken soup for E and some sort of chili slider for me.  The sliders are shown above.

The soup was served in a coffee cup and was quite good, according to E - if I remember correctly, it was savory but not overly so, and also not too creamy.  The accompanying toasts, also miniature, were pretty cute.  The California breakfast sliders were essentially miniature breakfast burritos: an egg, some tomato, a little avocado, pepper jack cheese, and some chipotle mayo in a wheat tortilla.  I thought my chili slider would have chili on it, but it was actually pretty dry, and much spicier than I expected - I think there were lots of jalapenos in the patty.  As a result of the spiciness, I couldn't tell whether my latte was good or not, but I'm sure it was fine.

Our waitress seemed extremely jittery, but that aside, service was fine.  The amount of food was perfect for a light lunch, but if not for the Groupon, the meal would have felt overpriced - each slider is very small but costs anywhere between $2.49 and $4.49, so unless you're having just one or two, it adds up.  I would consider SliderBar best for breakfast or happy hour.