Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bountiful breakfasts

I was in Boston from Saturday through last night, and just flew back today.  Expect some posts about Boston restaurants in the near future!  But for now, more on "everyday" food....

I'm a big fan of breakfast; it gives me something to look forward to and get out of bed for on those cold mornings where it's so tempting to just stay in bed a little longer (i.e., most mornings).  Here are a few of my recent "most important meals."

Breakfast nachos: tortilla chips, guacamole (from Whole Foods), and an egg.

Bosc pear and plain yogurt, blueberry scone (Whole Foods) with cream and lemon curd, and tea:

Egg-in-the-hole, with a double-yolked egg!  This made me ridiculously happy at 7:30am.