Monday, December 20, 2010

Palo Alto: Monique's Chocolates

Dark hot chocolate and gingerbread truffle

On Friday afternoon, a friend and I visited Monique's Chocolates, a relatively new store on Bryant St. near University.  The glass display case was mostly empty when we walked in, due to the high volume of holiday orders, but we could see someone (the owner, maybe?) making new trays of truffles in the back - more specifically, running them under a sheet of melted chocolate.

Giandjua hot chocolate and SF truffle

At Monique's, the hot chocolate is made to order from solid chocolate, and so we had to try some.  My friend ordered the gianduja (milk chocolate hazelnut) hot chocolate and a "San Francisco" truffle, for which I don't remember more specifics beyond that it was a milk chocolate-based truffle and really good.  I ordered the Madagascar (65% dark) hot chocolate and the gingerbread truffle.  My truffle was both dark and full of spices, and a great complement to the hot chocolate, which was both rich and somehow light and frothy.  Definitely some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had.

Hot chocolate is $3.50 and individual truffles are $2, I think, so Monique's is a perfect place for a classy and tasty non-coffee coffee break or dessert if you're in the area.  I definitely plan to return in the near future and try their toasted s'more, which was sold out before I arrived after 4pm on both Friday and Saturday (when I picked up a Christmas present).