Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday speed round, part 2

Since getting home to Davis late on Saturday, I've been enjoying plenty of my mom's cooking, including some very comforting soups made with white radish and ham, rice noodles, steamed crabs, and my favorite potstickers.

Also, some eats from around Davis.  First, a singularly unsatisfactory food experience: the chocolate croissant from Nugget Market in South Davis.  Leaden and practically oozing with melted fat - exactly what a croissant should not be.  Nugget has plenty of great food, but this croissant is not in that category!

But moving on to happier eats, starting with the best pizza in Davis, which can be found at Village Bakery (a tiny little shop near the train station; there is also a sit-down restaurant version called Village Pizza & Grill across from the movie theatre on G Street).  $2.75 gets you a big slice of relatively thin-crusted, both chewy and crispy pizza.

Next, the whoopie pie from Ciocolat, available at the Farmer's Market and hopefully at the permanent store as well (which is right next to the the market).  This confection is composed of two cake-like chocolate cookies with homemade (i.e. Ciocolat-made) marshmallow filling, a chocolate glaze, and some toffee sprinkles.  Really well-made, but I think I would recommend splitting it, since it is on the large/rich side.  An accompanying coffee is a must.

With a cappuccino from Crepeville

Also, I checked out a relatively new (mid-2009) tea shop called Tea List.  It's quite charming and has a menu that is reasonably long and not too expensive.