Sunday, December 5, 2010

Davis: "Brunch" at Konditorei

Bouncing back to Thanksgiving break, now.  My parents, cousin and I went out to Konditorei for Saturday brunch, with the express purpose of sampling plenty of pastries and even some cake.  And oh, did we ever, because here's the run-down.  In the above picture, from the top right-hand corner: almond croissant, chocolate/vanilla krapfen (essentially a donut, cut in half and filled with lots of vanilla cream and some chocolate chips), warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce, and apple croissant.  All impeccably fresh, flaky, and not too sweet.  Our accompanying beverages were a cafe au lait, a cappuccino, a mocha, and a latte.

After that wholesome main course, it was time for dessert.  The four of us shared two slices of cake.  I firmly believe that Konditorei makes some of the most amazing cakes on the planet, and one in particular is my all-time favorite: the chocolate nougat (pictured).  Layers of chocolate cake and chocolate-hazelnut cream enrobed in dark chocolate = heaven.  We also tried the Manzana Verde cake (you can see a little in the background), which is a cookie crust with a fluffy layer of quark cheese and a top layer of apple cream studded with raspberries.

This kind of Konditorei feast makes one want to eat nothing but green vegetables for a few days, but it's totally worth it.