Sunday, December 12, 2010

Back to basics

Zucchini omelette with pumpkin bolani

Now that it's winter and I frequently want to curl up with something warm, I am gravitating even more toward simple comfort food: omelets, french toast, pasta, pastry and hot drinks.

French toast and fruit

Simple pasta with tomato sauce

Plain croissant from La Boulange

Hot chocolate with a peppermint marshmallow

This morning's trip to the Farmer's Market yielded, in addition to that croissant (which was very good - probably comparable to Mayfield Bakery's?), a nice cache of goodies that I'll be making use of this week: carrots, apples, spinach bolani, hummus, ciabatta, and fresh tofu.

My lab is having a little holiday potluck this Tuesday, and so I'm planning to bring cake.  My current plan is chocolate with lemon curd.