Saturday, November 6, 2010

Palo Alto: Dessert at Shokolaat

I seem to be making dessert catch-ups a habit these days.  Last night, after eating catered Chinese food at a UAR talk-with-freshman-about-doing-undergraduate-research event - a spread that included roast duck with the appropriate steamed buns (how 'bout that!) - I picked up my friend J and his bike and we headed to University Ave for some dessert and diverting discourse.  I was thinking of Satura Cakes, but apparently they are still closed, so after walking several blocks, we decided to try Shokolaat.

Sometime in the past 10 months or so, Shokolaat renovated its front patio area, replacing the normal tables with a lounge-like array of swiveling leather chairs and little cocktail tables.  Fortunately, one thing that hasn't changed is the generous heating.  J and I were seated pretty quickly, and I ordered the fruit tart (pictured above), which here is more like a thick disc of soft shortbread with some pastry creme and berries.  I've had it before, and even though I don't think it's an amazing dessert, I liked it enough the first time to order it again tonight.

J ordered the "Bittersweet Love," which comprises layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, either orange or mango curd (we first thought it was orange, then started tasting mango), and caramel.  This was excellent; much better than the fruit tart.  All the plated desserts at Shokolaat are accompanied by creme fraiche sorbet and caramel streaks, which I think are nice touches.

Another consistent characteristic of Shokolaat seems to be the staff: our server tonight was the same handsome man who was working the patio area months ago, when my girlfriends and I had dessert for girls' night out ;-).