Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Davis: Shanghai Town

On Sunday evening, my family and I decided to order in dinner from Shanghai Town restaurant in West Davis; the menu is posted here.  My mom and I ate there once many years ago and remembered it as being mediocre, but a family friend told us recently that the dishes were really good now, and we took that recommendation.

Shen jian bao

We ordered thusly:  Shanghai gluten (kao fu), Shanghai soy sauce duck, Shanghai-style ham and pork clay pot soup (yian dun xian), pan-fried buns (shen jian bao), broccoli in garlic sauce, Shanghai-style chow mein, Shanghai-style braised pork ribs (technically Wuxi-style), some sort of fish, and walnut prawns.

Wuxi-style pork ribs

Whole fish

The gluten, soy sauce duck, soup, and Wuxi pork ribs were excellent - all reasonably authentic (as judged by my mom and second cousin, both of whom grew up in Shanghai).  I particularly liked the ribs, which were wonderfully tender.  The pan-fried buns, chow mein, and fish weren't fantastic, but still good.  Sadly, the broccoli in garlic sauce and walnut prawns were extremely disappointing; the former consisted of overcooked broccoli drowning in cloyingly sweet sauce, and the latter was doughy and heavy instead of delicately battered and fried.

The total was just over $70 - a great deal!  We would happily order some of these dishes again; no other restaurant in Davis serves Shanghai specialties.