Sunday, October 31, 2010

New York, Part I: Autumnal spreads

Thursday was such a beautiful day in New York that even my point-and-shoot could capture it, so I'm going to break one of my blog rules by putting up these two non-food pictures I took in Central Park.

After leaving the park and walking back up 70th St. toward New York Presbyterian Medical Center, I stopped for dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Matsu.  I considered ordering sushi, but it doesn't really fall under the comfort food heading that I aim within on travel days.  Instead, rice, salad with the typical carrot-ginger-sesame dressing, shrimp and vegetable tempura arrived relatively quickly and tasted very fresh.

On Friday, lunch was a gigantic buffet at the Rockefeller Faculty Club, suitably festooned with Halloween decorations.  One of the best items was a spinach-and-cheese (gruyere?  Swiss?) bread.

The dessert spread made me particularly happy (in an admittedly childlike way); my table-mates and I shared a chocolate cupcake and a caramel apple.

Friday dinner was a smaller but more sedate buffet at the Weill Cornell Faculty Club.  I got distracted by hunger and conversation and so didn't photograph the main courses, but I did photograph two of the available desserts:

I spent Saturday evening with my aunt, uncle and grandparents in New Jersey.  Between my uncle, grandma and aunt, dinners at their home always involve a ton of great dishes.  Saturday's spread included two shrimp preparations, two fish preparations, vegetables, other stir-fries, and potstickers.

My next post, Part II, will cover my Saturday adventures at Bouchon Bakery and Nougatine :-).