Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nashville: Tin Angel Restaurant

Rainbow trout almondine

On Friday night in Nashville, we had dinner at the Tin Angel Restaurant, which was dim and cozy but surprisingly loud.  Our rather large party of 10+ applicants and several current students was divided between three tables, and I sat at a table of four.  I ordered a glass of the "Hahn" pinot noir; the first thing I noticed was its fantastic fruity aroma.  The taste seemed a little sharp at first, but after a few sips, the flavors started balancing out more, and the fruitiness really started coming through.

Bread was excellent: freshly baked herb dinner rolls (I had two).  I started with the "French Laundry Salad," which included slivers of apple and plenty of toasted hazelnuts.  Now that I think about it, hazelnuts seem to have been a part of every salad I've ordered while traveling this fall.  This salad was, like the others, tasty.  My main course was rainbow trout almondine, which was a gorgeous piece of fish with plenty of almonds and green beans piled on top, sauced with beurre blanc.  The accompanying (underlying) orzo pilaf was really rich because of all the beurre blanc that had pooled around the fish, but still a great main course.

Dessert was pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream.  Hooray for cakes that aren't overly frosted!  I know not everyone feels this way, but I'm very partial to thin layers of frosting.  Due to a combination of exhaustion (resulting in lack of mindfulness) and good conversation, I ate too much.

I got home last night and am flying down to SoCal this afternoon for a 30-hour trip; then I'll be back at home for over a week (!!).  I got to enjoy my Sunday routine of going to the Farmer's Market this morning, and am currently having my usual Sunday brunch of tea, fresh fruit, and a croissant (today I actually warmed up my almond croissant in the oven, and that resulted in the pinnacle of pastry perfection).   There was a group of monks in red robes walking around the market stands and sampling various items; I'm guessing they came to Stanford with the Dalai Lama.