Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eating chow in Costa Mesa

Dinner on Sunday evening was at Eat Chow restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.  The list of sandwiches and burgers was pretty appealing, as was the grilled shrimp linguini, but I decided to go with the mahi mahi fish tacos since I haven't had any for quite some time.  The fish and beans were both pretty good, but I didn't like how the tortillas fell apart so easily because the chili sauce was soaking through them.

For dessert, I decided to veer in the direction of comfort food, and so I ordered the banana chocolate chip bread pudding.  To be honest, I've had better - I like bread pudding when the pieces of bread are a little more discrete - but the combination of caramel sauce, whipped cream, and crusty edges was still tasty.

A few people at the table ordered something called the Choco Taco (chocolate chip ice cream in a cinnamon sugar tortilla shell), which they seemed to like, and which was surprisingly attractive: