Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Broccoli-tomato-and-turkey lasagna

Having picked up a box of lasagna noodles last week at Safeway and wanting to do some substantial cooking on Sunday afternoon, I decided to loosely adapt a lasagna recipe that I'm pretty familiar with: Joanne Cheng's Mushroom and Tomato Lasagna.  In place of mushrooms and leeks, I used broccoli and onions, and I omitted the goat cheese because its smell wouldn't bode well for the communal microwave at work.  I also halved the amount of white sauce because I didn't want to use a whole stick of butter, and I added some sauteed ground turkey.

From bottom to top, the layers went (I think): white sauce with turkey, pasta, broccoli and onions, eggy/basil-y ricotta, pasta, tomatoes, rest of white sauce, pasta, ricotta.

The finished product was pretty good, though I think I overseasoned the white sauce a little - surprising, since normally I end up on the side of underseasoned.  Also, the problem with making less white sauce is that I didn't have any left to pour on top, so the upper "crust" of pasta and ricotta became kind of tough.  Oh well!

I'm heading to New York tomorrow, so hopefully there will be a few good meals to report on.  Sneak peek: I currently have a reservation for Nougatine at Jean Georges and am on the wait-list for Jean Georges itself, which I picked because it is consistently on the list of top 10 United States restaurants, it is located in a convenient location as far as transit goes, and it actually has non-stratospheric (i.e. well below triple figures) lunch prix fixe and dessert menus.  Fingers crossed!