Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend in Dallas: Everything really is bigger in Texas

Chicken mole enchiladas
I spent Labor Day Weekend in Dallas with my dear freshman roommate P.  For dinner on Saturday we went to Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village, which was apparently "the first self-contained shopping mall in America."  We had guacamole (screw my avocado allergy; this was worth it, and at least I'm no longer eating one avocado every Sunday like I used to); steak and chicken fajitas, and chicken mole enchiladas.  In general I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food because I often find it too heavy or greasy, and I'm no Tex-Mex expert, but I thought the dishes at Mi Cocina were delicious.


On Sunday morning, after a bike ride to downtown Dallas and back, we assembled ourselves a big brunch of Iranian bread (one of my new favorite foods) and cheese, chicken sausage, berries, leftovers from dinner, scones, and tea.
Yummy brunch
Once P's parents arrived, we set out for the Fort Worth Historic District, which is as classically Texan as it gets.  We worked up our appetites by visiting the museum and riding mechanical animals (let's just say that P was definitely a better cowgirl than I), and around 5pm we had dinner at Riscky's Barbeque

Right across from the historic Stockyards
I ordered the pork ribs and was pretty shocked by the gigantic platter that was set down in front of me:

So. Much. Food.
I don't think I had ever had "dry rubbed" barbeque before, so that was a novelty to me.  These ribs were pretty good, and I liked how they weren't excessively seasoned.  I managed to eat half (deemed an very admirable effort by P and her parents), which was still more than enough meat.  I also tried a bite of P's filet, which was great.  We ended the evening with Coldstone ice cream at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  The next day, after eating more of that wonderful bread for breakfast (and packing some for the plane), I flew back home.