Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekday dinners: Salad, garlic herb cheese, and salmon

Monday dinner was a nice salad (greens from the Farmer's Market) with some sliced apple and the biggest, prettiest golden raisins I have ever seen (hooray for Hamada Farms!); toasted sweet batard; chicken meatballs; and some garlic herb cheese spread from East and West Afghan Food.

Tonight, I actually cooked: salmon with sauteed vegetables, served with noodles.  I first browned some garlic, diced onion and bell pepper in olive oil, then started cooking the salmon (lightly seasoned with salt and pepper) in the middle of the pan while the vegetables continued cooking around the edges.  After flipping the salmon, I added some diced Roma tomatoes to the vegetables, sprinkled on some salt, and drizzled on some balsamic vinegar.  By the time the salmon was done cooking, the vinegar had caramelized a little and the tomatoes had softened, creating a nice pan sauce.

I'll save dessert for another post.  Also, my new centrifuge (salad spinner) arrived!  Too bad there are some cracks in the bottom, due to lousy packaging during shipping....the cracks don't interfere with function (yet), but since I don't have time to go ship it back, I guess I'll request a partial refund from Amazon.