Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roasted butterflied chicken!

[Warning: The following post contains images of raw meat]

I am proud to report that I have successfully butterflied a chicken on my first attempt.   I used these instructions, which were very helpful.  In anticipation of today again being too hot to bake, I decided to prepare the chicken after getting home from work/volunteering last night.

The chicken, with backbone removed:

The chicken, with breastbone [partially] removed, and flipped over:

Then I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper, thyme, and a little butter (because, oh, why not), put it into the oven at 425degF, turned down the temperature to 350 after 10 min or so, and went to take a shower - part of why I like roasting chickens so much is that it enables multitasking.  The legendary Zuni Cafe roast chicken is apparently cooked at 475 degF straight, but the best roast chicken I ever ate (from a food festival dinner at The Slow Club) was cooked at 500 for 5 min and then 325 until I compromise.

The result, about an hour later, was evenly cooked, juicy chicken with a crisp skin.  Part of this chicken was dinner tonight, along with a simple green salad with tomatoes and some peanut-sauced noodles.

Getting ready for a long weekend, which I know will involve some great food.  Happy Labor Day Weekend to all :-).