Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend in Davis - Burgers, Pinkberry, and home cooking

On Saturday, I had lunch with three high school friends at Burgers and Brew, which was voted the Best Burger in Yolo County for 2010.  The restaurant has been open for several years, and seems to be extremely popular; we decided to try it since none of us had been there before.  The menu consists of around 13 burger options, several sandwiches and hot dogs, a few soups and salads, a few desserts, shakes, and some beers (though we didn't order any beers this time).  I ordered the mushroom and onion cheeseburger, cooked medium.  My friends ordered the avocado cheeseburger, guacamole burger, and garden burger.  The Daviswiki page says "No Split Checks" extremely prominently, but the girl who took our order offered us individual checks before we even asked; perhaps the page is outdated.

We all enjoyed our burgers, which were large, juicy, and perfectly cooked.  The buns were fresh, and the bottom bun didn't get too soggy.  I really liked the mushrooms on mine, but wished I had thought to ask for no mayo - it really wasn't necessary :-P.  Even though the burgers were big, they didn't fall apart while being eaten because they weren't overly tall (like the unwieldy burgers from The Counter).  The accompanying fries were nicely crispy on the outside and sprinkled with black pepper.  My friends also liked the curly fries, and I heard no complaints about the side salads, which are served in quite a generous portion.

After lunch, I was on my way to meet my parents when I noticed the new Pinkberry near Borders.  Having heard lots of enthusiasm for Pinkberry in the past, I tried both the mango and coconut flavors before ordering a mini-sized cup of coconut with fresh mango and toasted almonds.  I now like Pinkberry better than Fraiche because I like Pinkberry's "mini" size option, as well as the single price for as many toppings as the cup can accommodate.

For dinner, my mom made her awesome potstickers, filled with pork and chives.  These are one of my favorite foods, and I never really get tired of them.  When I was young, I would eat the filling before the crisp wrapper, but now I usually eat them together like a normal person.  Sunday lunch was my mom's version of Three-Cup Chicken; she doesn't add any oil, and only uses a spoonful of sugar (cue Mary Poppins).  Again, a dish I grew up eating and loving.  My mom is a wonderful cook, and her food is both delicious and healthy.  I do feel kind of weird taking photos of home meals, though, sorry.