Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My rules for this blog

I used the Epictetus quote as my blog title because I think the same tenets about attending a great meal should apply to life: be polite, be enthusiastic, be open-minded, and enjoy.  I love food, whether it's shopping for food, reading about food, going to restaurants, cooking, or eating.  Now that I have my own kitchen for the first time, along with a small but steady income, I think this year has great gastronomic potential.

That said, I intend for this blog to follow a few rules:
1. I will post reasonably often, but will not compel myself to post every day.
2. Any discussion of my personal/academic/work life will be limited to immediate food-related topics, e.g., "I've been particularly stressed about X and Y this week, and so tonight I am baking cookies and eating as many as I want."
3. I will include pictures reasonably often.  My camera is a point-and-shoot, so please do not expect photographic greatness.

Hooray for food!